Rudest Lawyer Ever Yelled At The Woman In The Help Window, But Never Knew She Could To Do THIS To Him.


Some people just don’t know how to be civil, and when we encounter them in daily life we often wish we had some way of getting back at them for their rudeness.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a jerk’s life a bit more difficult, then read on…

hammer-719066_960_720_f55b1ac939889006073125104496b4e2Many thanks to Reddit user BreatheMyStink for sharing their story.

I work in a law office and regularly have to go file documents with the court. I have learned, from watching one interaction, not to f*** with the clerks at the filing window.

A lot of people probably don’t know/wouldn’t believe how detailed the rules are for submitting documents to the court. There are rules regarding the type of paper you can use, the exact spacing of the heading on the paper, the exact measurements of the two hole punches at the top of the paper, etc. There are literally dozens of rules on how to format your filings.

In my experience, these rules are rarely enforced. The clerks will reject documents if there are major errors (missing signatures, incorrectly filled out, etc.) but will usually let things slide like your two-hole punches not being precisely 2 3/4 inches apart. But there was one day where I saw a clerk take sweet revenge against someone who totally had it coming.

I was standing in line, waiting to file something and a notoriously huge prick of an attorney got called up to the window. The clerk asked him something like “I’m really sorry Mr. [notoriously huge prick], but you’re missing [some attachment] to this form.” He reacted as if she had just stood up from her chair, flipped him the bird, and went to sh*t on his mother’s grave.

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