Elephant surprises all when he joins dad to wish daughter “Happy Birth Day”


Paul Barton is one of the nicest guys on this planet. This man has a daughter, and on this occasion, he decided to make her the happiest princess on her birthday. He grabbed his piano and started playing her a nice, soothing, happy birthday tune. But no one expected to witness what happened next!

You see, Paul spends some of his good times in Ayutthaya, Thailand, precisely at the Royal Elephant Kraal. He has forged quite a friendship with one nice elephant named Peter. On this day, Peter turned heads with his brilliance!

So Paul starts playing the cool tune for Emilie. When he hears it, Peer can’t keep his cool. He walks right up to Paul and proceeds to make his contribution to the great moment. He’s playing and dancing! Just watch him in the video here and you’ll love him.

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