Quiz: What Feeling Would You Be If You Could Only Be One?




You are about to take a QUIZ BELOW, that will present you with a series of stimulating photographs, with a question attached to each.  Each question will give a multiple choice of 5 responses, either in words or pictures from which you will choose your answer.

For instance, you will be presented with several pictures of sunrises and asked to choose the one that resonates with you the most.  You will be shown a surreal picture of a girl on a swing and asked to choose a perspective; a picture in nature and what it illuminates.  Which flower would you be?…how food makes you feel. Try to answer each question with a gut-level response; not overthinking each question will yield the most accurate analysis of what single emotion or adjective best describes who you are.

Are you HAPPY, PENSIVE, CURIOUS, DESPERATE or something else entirely.  This quiz is very fun and illuminating. Have fun taking the test and let us know if your results resonate with how you and others perceive your nature. Were you surprised by your results? Let us know in the comments.

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