Dying chimp remains unresponsive and curled up. Then all changes when an old friend shows up


Mama is a 59-year-old chimp. She is weak, fragile, and the verge of death. She cannot do much apart from curling up and sleeping. She will not eat or drink.

Mama is ready to pass on. Her fellow chimps came to bid her goodbye.

Mama was born in 1957. In 1971, she was taken to the Netherlands and lived at the Royal Burgers’ Zoo. She was known for her confidence and boldness. She was the dominant matriarch in her colony of chimps.

Professor and Dutch biologist, Jan van Hoff, has worked with primates in his research projects. Royal Burgers’ Zoo was his grandparents’ creation. Mama and Jan have been friends since 1972.

Jan returned to the zoo to visit Mama. Mama is too weak to recognize him. As Jan gently places his hands on her shoulder and whispers something in her ear, she makes a stunning change.

A week after their reunion, Mama passed on.

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