A Drunk Moose Showed Up To Their House And Refused To Leave. The Reason Is Brilliant.


A Drunk Moose Showed Up To Their House And Refused To Leave. The Reason Is Brilliant.
When most people think of a heroic animal rescue the first thing that comes to mind is man’s best friend — a brave, and loyal canine. But one man from Canada had a different experience.

He shared his experience on Reddit.com, and described being saved from an armed criminal by wild moose who often roamed the area. The kicker? It wasn’t just any moose — it was a drunk moose. Read the true story below.

Not exactly a pet, but when I was visiting friends up in Nunavut there was a moose that used to hang around and get drunk off of fermented apples near their house. It was surprisingly calm with people, probably because it was drunk most of the time.

Anyways, one day my friend and I get back to his place and the moose is standing right on his doorstep blocking the door. Only an idiot messes with a full grown moose so we let it be and get back in the car to wait for it to leave.

After a few minutes a couple of mounties show up…then a couple more…then more… Up there you don’t normally see more than two cops at a time so it was a bit of a strange response to a moose on the doorstep, especially considering we hadn’t called anyone.

It turns out they weren’t there for the moose, they were there for a man who had beaten his girlfriend, stole her shotgun, robbed a store and was last seen being chased by a drunken moose right into my friends house.

If the moose hadn’t been blocking the door the guy probably would have shot us or something. It took the cops hours to get him to come out, and he was absolutely wasted when he did.

Priceless! A story he can tell for the rest of his days.

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