This Pup Was Stolen, Drugged And Its Neck Shattered, See The Crooks Behind It! I’m Furious!


Collect of Chunky the dog who was tortured by drugged up teenagers who set him on fire, broke his neck and then dumped him in a rubbish tip. See SWNS story SWBEASTS: A tortured dog has made a miraculous recovery after drugged-up teenagers set him on fire, broke his neck and then dumped him in a RUBBISH TIP. Tiny Chihuahua-cross, Chunky, was left for dead when he was targeted in a completely unprovoked attack – described as the ìworst-everî by a RSPCA inspector. The pup, who was less than one at the time, was stolen from his owner by four teenagers who carried out the brutal torture. The RSPCA found Chunky abandoned near the rubbish tip before reports on Facebook revealed what had actually happened to him. Three of the teenagers, two aged 16 and one aged 15 at the time of the offence, had admitted to punching and kicking Chunky, before breaking his leg and neck, and then set fire to his face by lighting an aerosol deodorant can.


You smoke crack and use some other very illegal drugs, and then your little messed up cabbage of a mind sees it fit to grab a little puppy right from its home and do some heinous acts of violence on it. Now you tell me: do you think you should be excused for any of that?!



I’m ranting about something that happened to this innocent dog. Some teens got themselves under drug influence and decided that their version of “having a little fun” should include kidnapping and torturing a small dog to the brink of death. What’s that?!


After feeding Chunky with drugs and burning the little dog’s eyes and body with a flamethrower, they still couldn’t leave him alone. They broke his legs and neck and left him to die. Just imagine that. It’s just a miracle that the dog survived the ordeal.28-1via:

Chunky was saved the next morning and taken to the RSPCA. The culprits have since been arrested and charged, but their names have been withheld. Now that begs the question of whether it’s really fair to keep their identities secret when they’re very clearly criminals. In fact, what they did was kidnapping and attempted murder. They should be exposed!


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