Stray Dog Won’t Budge From Rainy Parking Lot Until This Woman Comes And Does This.. WHOA!!


When dogs are neglected or abandoned by the people they love the most, they often don’t understand what happened or what they did to deserve such treatment.

This poor dog was abandoned by her owners in a parking lot, not understanding the reason they did it, she stayed in her spot without a move for hours in the cold rain hoping that they decide to come and take her back.


People were coming and leaving without giving attention to the drenched dog. Until one woman spotted her and came to her rescue. Valinda Cortez who happens to be an active animal lover who spends her free time trying to help abandoned dogs pulled into the parking lot and went to head inside, but that was when she noticed the heartbroken dog. The pup was soaking wet, miserable and shivering.


“I’m not sure where she came from, but I hope she never has to go back,” Valinda wrote on Facebook. “She had an obvious eye infection. Her hair was matted. She had an open wound on her leg.”

But if anyone was meant to find this poor unwanted dog, it was Valinda.


Cortez gently draped a warm blanket over the dog and sat with her for an hour before trying anything else that might frighten or stress the dog out. “Her hair was wet and matted,” Cortez said. “Her front leg was cut. Her eyes were obviously infected. My heart was breaking. I never think these things through so I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with her after I had her.”


Eventually, Cortez and her friend Sue Massi, also a volunteer animal rescuer, carefully got the dog in their car and took her to a nearby animal shelter.”Humans had let her down but hopefully the food, warm blanket and love I gave her will restore her faith in humans,” Cortez said.


The dog, named Cassie, was given food and love at the shelter and is now looking much happier and healthier.

“There are always options,” said Valinda, “What if I ignored this cold, wet, hungry dog and kept driving? She could have froze to death, been hit by a car or numerous other things.

It’s not that hard to find a shelter that will take your animal.”

We’re thankful that Valinda spotted Cassie and helped her out. We can learn a lot from people like this and it’s always important to do what we can for abandoned or injured animals.

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