Dog ‘steals’ $90 from owner and trades a dollar for her favorite treats


If something goes missing from your house or purse, would you suspect your dog?

One dog owner found herself in a tricky situation. Casi Cook has an adorable dog named Holly.

Holly rummaged through Casi’s bag since he was a puppy and began stealing money. At first, Casi was scared the dog would eat the money and she devised a way of getting the money back.

Casi traded treats for the money. Holly learned that the money he stole could “buy” her treats. In the video below, Holly gives Casi a dollar and gets a treat in return. Even the dog knows the value of a dollar.

Holly has accumulated over 90 dollars that he spends on treats. With all that money in Holly’s name, she can enjoy all her favorite snacks as she pleases.

How would you react if your dog behaved that way?

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