Pitbull Dog Bandit Tries to Run the Treadmill to ‘Eye of the Tiger’


This funny video of the pitbull dog treadmill comes from a rescue and training organization at Las Vegas. The dog’s name is Bandit. He is adamant in his attempts to get onto the treadmill and do some exercise with other adult members of his pack. We think it’s an excellent example of how dogs and puppies of all ages are able to learn by instinct. Check out how Bandit closely watches the other grown dogs, then attempts to follow their examples to the T! Now, that’s what we call attention for detail.

Bandit joyfully follows the tune of ‘Eye of the Tiger’ from Survivor as he continues in his attempts to run on this treadmill alongside grown adult dogs. He does fail. However, in his playful attempts, he teaches us one thing. He reminds all of us viewers that we too are capable of running side-by-side by pit bulls someday and that no task is too big for the big at heart. Never giving up is the underlying message in this video, although we aren’t too sure what little Bandit’s intentions really were for running treadmill with adult dogs twice his size!

Check out the hilarious antics in this pitbull dog treadmill video on our website right now. You’ll be rolling in laughter at the wit and determination that Bandit so proudly shows off. If interested, please do donate to Peace, Love, and Pit Bulls, a fantastic new non-profit organization dedicated to dog rescue and protection in the Las Vegas vicinity.

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