Dog Abandoned With Baby In Her Belly—Births Miracle Puppy And Gets Second Chance!


Not long ago, it seemed like there was very little hope for Mimi, a pregnant Maltese who was abandoned at an animal shelter only days before she would give birth.

Knowing that most puppies born in shelters don’t survive, an angel named Brandie came to Mimi’s rescue and agreed to foster the dog. Instantly, they formed a special bond and both of their lives were changed forever. In this touching story, we learn that there is hope for the hopeless. So many people choose to shop and not adopt and end up with animals they can’t take care of. With help from loving heroes like Brandie, these innocent animals do stand a chance.

I’m so grateful that mother Mimi and her newborn pups are finally safe. Mimi was scared at first, but now she truly knows what love feels like. What a blessing!

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