Doctors Hid This Baby So Nobody Could See THIS Face. 22 Years Later, She Shows It All


Mui is a unique girl with a very unique skin condition. Had she been born healthy, her life would have been a very different one. With the love of great parents and plenty of deter…

#1 Meeting Mui.

Roger and Tina were Hong Kong expats who fell in love. The couple volunteered at a hospital where they met Mui. To their horror, the hospital caring for Mui was planning to make her permanent residence a hospital for the mentally disabled. Her life expectancy was short, and they wanted her to live the best she could.


#2 Incurable condition.

The Thomas’ adopted Mui knowing their lives would change forever. The girl would need constant care for her skin condition; it is both rare and incurable and looks like she was burned. “A lady once spat in my wife’s face and accused her of having burnt Mui. But we have always shown her how important it is to enjoy the world, you never know what’s waiting just around the corner.”


#3 Determination.

Mui began to thrive in a loving family environment and has lived longer than anyone else with this condition.It is called Harlequin ichthyosis, which means her skin is extremely thick, dry and flaky — resembling fish scales.. Her body produces skin cells at an accelerated rate and it often breaks, causing infection and blisters all the time. She has to bathe for two hours twice a day.


#4 Inspirational speaker.

In spite of all that, she is a powerhouse of determination and drive. She’s now a rugby referee and an inspirational speaker.

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