Disobedient Child Gets What He Deserves In This Grocery Store


This man was just waiting in line at his local grocery store when a little boy behind him kept ramming his tiny shopping cart into his legs. Soon, enough was enough.
You can’t really blame this man for reacting the way he did. Though, some of us feel it was over-the-top and rude to do, even if the child was being a relentless nuisance. Then, there was a portion of us who felt the negligent mother in this scenario is to blame.

Whatever side of the fence you land on, this video does raise some important questions. For example, what are best practices in disciplining children? According to Mason Turner, MD, chief of psychiatry at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center, “You’ll get a lot further with positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement.” WebMD suggests you do whatever you can to minimize arguments and maintain a clear, calm demeanor.

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