His Manager Did Nothing When Someone Stole His Lunch. But What He Did Next Is Just Legendary.


Everyone gets nervous their first day on the job. But to have your lunch stolen on your first shift is just brutal. What’s worse? When nothing is done about it.

Still their are other ways to get satisfaction…


Many thanks to reddit user Scittles10-96 for sharing this story.

I worked at Best Buy and we had a new guy start and for his first day of work his girlfriend had handmade him a 5-meat 4-cheese fully loaded 24-inch submarine sandwich.

15 minutes before his lunch started he was telling me all about the sandwich, how awesome it was going to be and that he was so hungry he was going to eat it all.

So his lunch comes and he goes in there and it’s gone. He immediately comes to me about it and I walk him to the GM’s office and we meet the GM outside his office.

Our general manager tells him “It’s only food.”

New Guy tells the general manager that it’s not only food, it was a 24-inch 5-meat 4-cheese fully loaded sandwich made with premium deli meats & cheeses with fresh vegetables with the condiments on the side even so it wouldn’t get soggy. That it took his girlfriend nearly an hour to put together, and he wanted the guy who stole his sandwich fired because food or not, theft is theft and it can not be tolerated in a retail environment.

The general manager literally laughed at him and walked away into his office.

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