Curious dolphins imitate playing squirrels and prove dolphins are intelligent creatures


The zoo or aquarium is a great place to learn about different animal species. However, on special and rare occasions, the animals in the zoo are in awe of another species.

Dolphins are playful animals. They are also cute, inquisitive, and intelligent. Amy Schumacher shot an amazing video that will blow your mind away. A pod of dolphins at the SeaWorld Orlando met some squirrels for the first time.

The five dolphins were in a nursery. Two squirrels happened to be nearby and they mesmerized the whales. The squirrels kept running around on theground in front of the tank that housed the dolphins.

The curious dolphins gathered close to that tank and watched the squirrels run around. The dolphins started to mimic the movement of the furry animals. The squirrels run over to one direction and the whales swim and mimic them towards their direction.

However, one dolphin seemed uninterested. Finally, she spots the squirrels and joins the other dolphins in their act.

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