Couple lives completely off the grid,their expenditurewill drop your jaw


Sarah Simpson is a trained teacher while her hubby, Nigel Mepham, is an estate manager. Two years ago, these two made a decision to do something completely out of the ordinary. Many people would expect such a couple to live in a leafy neighborhood surrounded by all the expensive stuff. Not these two!

They decided to go off grid and live a simple life at the hilltop in an 18-century coastal fort. That’s interesting!

Even more interesting is their live over there. Nothing goes to waste in their home. They recycle anything reusable. They grow their own fresh food and have old solar panels to provide power. They spend roughly $1,600 in a whole year! Plus they have some cool plans for a new floating home!

You need to see this! Watch the clip and see their home. The inside of that residence will leave you royally amazed!

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