Santa Claus Gives Christmas Presents to Homeless New Yorkers – Merry Christmas!


chlepp Films is pleased to announce the release of a heartwarming holiday themed
video that captures the spirit and meaning of Christmas. A short film that highlights
how a small act of kindness to strangers in need, can create moments of happiness and joy.
It is an upbeat ‘feel good’ video that will warm the heart and may leave a tear in the eye.

The short film follows a man who was in desperate need of the Christmas spirit, so he
sets out on a journey to make the world a little brighter. He walks the streets of New
York City dressed as Santa Claus, with a sack full of Blessing Bags, giving them out with
big smiles and a hearty “Merry Christmas.”

The man dressed as Santa Claus is Mike Connell, a resident of Queens, New York. He
recently lost his former wife of 25 years, Mary, to cancer. Though no longer married,
they had raised a family of three children together and remained close. Mike was
deeply saddened by her loss, and it compelled him to want to do something positive in
the world. So he decided to play the role of Santa Claus and to spread some Christmas
magic to those in need of it most.

After seeing posts on social media about ‘Blessing Bags’ for the homeless, Mike thought
they were a great idea and he was determined to make the social media post a reality.
Blessing Bags are an assortment of products, made up of 3 main categories: Food,
Toiletries, & Warm Clothing.

Mike had help from a little elf as well. The filmmaker’s 7 year old son Seamus McGuire
helped to organize, package, and wrap the presents. The 2nd grader also helped handwrite
the Christmas cards with heartfelt messages. It was a great learning experience
for the child, who took much pride in his role. Seamus was very happy to see the final
video and all of the smiles on the faces of the people that the gifts had helped.

The video runs under 3 minutes, but packs in a lot of heart and smiles. The film is a
great example of how generosity and kindness at the holiday season can brighten up a
person’s day.

Merry Christmas!!!

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