Why buy a bed when you can use pallets to make one? Here are 14 fantastic ideas


Wooden pallets are conventionally used for shipping and packing large items. However, in the age of DIY these wooden pallets are used in a variety of creative ways.

One of those ways is to create beds. Recycled wood pallet DIY beds are all the rage, and people are coming up with some really hip and amazing designs for their bedrooms.

Here are some of the coolest DIY pallet bed designs that we’ve seen on the internet.

The Illuminated Bed

diy-pallet-platform-bed-with-lightsSource: 101 Pallet Ideas


This design weaves electric lights inside the pallet slats to create an enchanting effect. This definitely gives the bedroom a magical feel.

Sweetheart Pallet Headboard

These folks created their headboard out of pallets and added a romantic element by burning a heart shape into the wood.

pallet-headboard-6Source: 99 Pallets


The Storage Bed

These designers ingeniously used the spaces in between their pallets as storage for their books

chic-white-pallet-platform-bed-with-storageSource: 101 Pallet Ideas


Trundle Bunk Bed

This bed is every kid’s dream. Not only is this an awesome bunk bed with fantastic steps that double as storage, but it also includes the pull-out trundle bed for company. This is SO cool!

c098185c04c53dd80a3d287104b7bd92Source: Pinterest


The Shoe Bed

This bed is perfect for the person who can never have too many shoes.

Recycled-Pallet-Bed-Frames-homesthetics-16Source: Homesthetics


LED Lighting

This bed uses LED lighting to illuminate the headboard. The best part about this bed is that the LED lighting changes colors for a fun effect.

pallet-headboard-with-LED-lights-3Source: 101 Pallets


Indoor Playhouse

Could this be any more adorable? This design uses pallets that are painted to create the most darling little indoor playhouse with its own tiny bed.

1a7e95f9976fa39c8bd0f98aacc68d05Source: Pinterest


Moon Crib

These pallets were used to create a fantasy crib for a little baby in a beautiful moon shape with star cutouts. This is something you definitely won’t see in a store.

e46665a41abb849e78107588e8a45c2bSource: Pinterest


Floating Bed

This bed gives the bedroom a mystical feel with the illusion of floating.

247768416970759057DQwzOgY2cSource: Indulgy


High Bed

This bed will make you feel like the Princess and the Pea since it’s so high up. You might need a ladder to get into bed though.

bf628cac851207709f7a03d1a07ce0a9Source: Pinterest


Wheeled Daybed

This design uses wheels so the daybed can be moved around where and when it is needed.

cheap-pallet-daybed-on-wheelsSource: 101 Pallet Ideas


Simple Bed

This design is for everyone, especially those who aren’t handy. All you need to do to create this is put down a pallet and plop your mattress on top.

bed-made-of-palletsSource: 101 Pallet Ideas


Step Into Bed

These designers doubled up on their pallets to offer height and created some steps to offer easy access while giving the design some depth.

pallet-bed-1Source: 99 Pallets


Pullout Drawers

f5ff160d66a7b5294b0a535a853605d1Source: Pinterest


You can get some extra storage in by installing a pullout drawer underneath your pallet bed.

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