They Expected Her To Give Birth, But Never Imagined The Birth Process Could Take 19 Hours. A Must Watch!


Back in December 5, 2015, something miraculous happened. One Great Dane, named Velma aged 4 years owned by Terri and Josh surprised everyone. Velma was expectant and everyone expected she was going to give birth to 10 puppies. Everyone was shocked when she gave birth to a litter of 19 puppies. It took around 19 hours for her to bring all the puppies into this world. As luck was, all the puppies were adorable, happy and in good health.

It is not all the time you come across such an incredible encounter and that is why we thought Velma’s story is worth sharing. It is not an easy task to feed one baby and you understand what it takes to feed 19 hungry and huge Great Danes (the largest dog breed in the face of the world). Luckily, her owners supplement her milk with some Esbilac formula and goat milk after 3-4 hours.


On December 5, a 4-year-old Great Dane named Velma gave birth to a staggering number of puppies — 19 to be exact. This family ties the largest known Great Dane litter in the United States.

Owners Terri and Josh of Alabama were stunned when the puppies “just kept coming,” after a 19-hour-long birthing process. After all, they only expected Velma to deliver about 10!


All of the puppies are healthy and happy, and Terri says each one is precious and unique. Velma is also doing great.

However, nursing the brood is a whole other story…


Great Danes grow rapidly and so do their food needs.

Velma has proved to be a wonderful mom, but she simply cannot nurse all of the puppies at once without it looking like an adorable yet chaotic game of musical chairs. So, Terri and Josh have stepped in to help feed the puppies every 3-4 hours. Velma’s milk supply is supplemented with goat milk and Esbilac formula. Half comes from Velma and half comes from the formula.


It’s common for Great Danes to deliver litters of 8-10 puppies. However, a litter of 19 is nearly unprecedented.

This is truly a family of cute, cuddly miracles!

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