Brigitte Nielsen tells Sylvester Stallion that she regrets marrying Movie Star “The Rocky”


Brigitte Nielson, a model, married movie star Sylvester Stallone in 1985. Sadly, the couple divorced in July 1987, 19 months later.

Brigitte describes the divorce as “ugly”. She opened up to Oprah about the divorce and how it affected her life.

According to Brigitte, Sylvester begged her to marry him despite dating for a short time. She thought it was too soon but she agreed. She goes ahead and says she did not marry him for his money as other people assumed.

When the marriage fell apart, so did the model’s life.

Brigitte says she wished she had not married him. Her marriage ended and so did her successful career in the US. All doors were closedon her and everyone blacklisted her.

Fortunately, the model got back on her feet. 30 years later, she is doing great.

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