Quiz: How Old Is Your Brain? Is It Younger or Older Than Your Actual Age? Find Out..


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Space may be the final frontier as to the unexplored limits of our universe, but the study of the human brain is the considered by many to be the last frontier in science. Out of all our bodily organs, the brain is easily the most incredible one, and yet we know so little about it.

What limited information scientists have uncovered about the brain is fascinating and puts how amazing it really is into perspective. For example, our brains can process information as slow as 1 mile per hour or as fast as 268 mph. It generates between 10-25 watts of power, which is enough energy to power a light bulb. On average, the brain generates about 50,000 thoughts every single day, of which it is believed that around 70% of them are negative.

Those are just a few of the more interesting examples of relatively recent discoveries and there is still a vast amount of information we have yet to even begin exploring. And while our brains are what make us an intelligent species, they give us the ability to learn and think, not all brains function alike!

One way in which they differ is related directly to brain age. Brain age doesn’t correlate along with your actual birth age, instead it’s how old or young your brain seems to be functioning at. Each age group has different rates of reaction and levels of maturity and development, which have been quantified and studied. By comparing your responses, beliefs, and general knowledge to the questions in this quiz, you can figure out how old your brain really is! Try it now to test yourself and see if your brain is older or younger than you are. Good luck and enjoy!

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