Biological father is denied the baby’s rightful custody when mom dies, so he fights


Things got worse when James Gardener’s fiancée was involved in an accident and died. She was pregnant at that time.

Heather Trimble, his fiancée, was previously married, though she had separated from her former husband. At the time of her death, they had not married. The baby survived during the accident and Heather’s legal husband took the baby. That meant James, who was the biological father missed out.

Fortunately, Heather’s separated husband is ready to help James complete the paperwork to gain the rightful custody of the baby. Thought it sounded easy, there is a lot of paperwork which needs to be completed.

According to James, he will try to change the baby’s name to what her mother had suggested when she was alive – Hadley. That will only take place once the paperwork is completed.

The clip below brings us all the details of the story and we hope you will find something to relate to.

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