Biker discovers a cardboard box in the middle of nowhere, then he realizes it has a puppy


James is one of those guys who enjoys going for long rides. One day he decided to go for one of those long rides without knowing what fate had for him. When he way around 10 miles away, he discovered a cardboard box that was positioned upside-down at the roadside. So he went ahead and recorded everything and shared with us the clip below.

The cardboard box has a puppy that had been abandoned by someone. Without James, the puppy could have certainly died. Amid all that, the puppy was so affectionate and friendly and it appeared as if he was begging James to save him. I wonder still what made a person to do that to an innocent animal!

It was through fate that James met the puppy and saved it. After James shared the video, his neighbor got interested and adopted the puppy. We are happy that it now has a loving home.

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