After Being Rescued From 50 Years Of Abuse, This Old Elephant Did Something No One Could Believe.


There are too many cases of animal cruelty across the globe that would shock you with their ferocity. The story of Raju the elephant is just one of those stories.

For 50 years, Raju was held captive in the Uttar Pradesh area of India. Day after day, massive spiked chains cut into his starved, frail flesh. His “owner” tied him and forced him to beg for handouts from tourists, holding out his trunk.

One day, the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department in India alerted a North London-based charity, Wildlife SOS, of Raju’s plight. When they discovered what this poor creature had to deal with, the flew to India to rescue him.

They never expected what Raju did during his incredible rescue.

The heroes at Wildlife SOS saved Raju from decades of torture. He will finally know freedom and days without pain and torture. It’s incredible that he was able to survive this long and endure such abuse.

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