The Baby Was Left On The Carpet By Mom. See What The Cat Does… WOW!!


Ever met a cat who loves babysitting? Well, today you have one over here!

When this video was being captured, Watson, the nanny cat was 7 months old and baby Elliotte was only 4 months old. This video is all about these good friends.

This is a video which has gained a lot of online popularity since it has garnered over one million views. We see the baby being rubbed by Watson, who at the same is kneading his claws. The baby’s Mom might be criticized by others for letting the cat to be too close to the baby, but we can see Watson does not show any defensive behaviors and is not aggressive

I believe this is one of the best cat/baby interactions you can ever find out there. According to a certain YouTube commenter, if their bonding goes on, it may turn out to something similar to the Bakersfield incident where one cat turned a hero by saving a toddler who was a victim of a dog attack – I hope you are familiar with the story.

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