Kid Was Disappointed When Dad Refused To Get Him Food. What Followed Next Will Leave You Speechless.


I used to go to a drive through coffee shop on my way to work every morning. While I was waiting to order I saw a dude in the car behind me with a his kid and they looked like they were talking and the dad sadly shook his head and the kid sadly dropped his head, he was probably like 9 or 10. He looked really crestfallen.

I’m thinking the dad doesn’t have enough to get his kid a little hot chocolate or something. So I order and get to the window and tell them I want to pay for the guys stuff behind me and add a hot chocolate to their order. Come to find out all that’s on the order is a small hot chocolate, so the dude was just there to get his kid something knowing he couldn’t get anything and the kid was sad about it. (this is all assumption by the way) So anyways, I tell them to add a large black coffee and upsize the hot chocolate, so they do and I just drive off.

The next day when I got my coffee the guy who works there reaches out the window like he wants to shake my hand and I look at him weirdly and he tells me how the guy teared up when they gave him the coffee and hot chocolate and that it was paid for so he just gave them the money he had and said to pay for the person behind him if it would cover it.

The coffee shop guy said it went on for 22 cars before the poor girl didn’t have enough cash to pay for the like, 4, large drinks the person behind her had ordered. He said it was the coolest display of humanity he’d seen in awhile and wanted to shake my hand, so I did and he gave me my coffee free that day.

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