One Animal Changed This Woman’s Life Forever – And Now She Is Changing Elephants’ Lives


This is a beautiful story of how one animal changed a woman’s life and set her on a great mission. This woman met a young elephant, saw the poor conditions that he was living in, and wanted to make his life better. That was when she was still in college. Twenty years have passed since then, and that woman has done some amazing things for elephants. She has changed the live of several elephants forever by opening an elephant sanctuary, and this is only the beginning.

Carol Buckley is a woman who cares about the lives of animals, and she is devoting her own life to make theirs better. She has become recognized globally for her efforts, and she is not about to stop now. This is truly a beautiful and inspiring story, and you are going to love to see all that happens as you watch it. This woman will make you want to do more for animals.

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