What an Amazing Romantic Surprise! I Can’t Tire Watching This!


Surprising his long-time girlfriend is what this solder had in mind when he sought for help from the local law enforcers. His bigger plans made the reunion to be more than an ordinary one.

Chad was coming home and did not want Jennifer to be aware of the plan he has in place. He made a plan with a police officer to stop Jennifer and make it feel like a normal traffic stop. This was to happen at the time Jennifer could be leaving the local high school where she worked.

Though he had come up with the plan, Chad revealed that this made him more nervous than what he goes through when at the combat. He also believes speaking with the sheriff must have made Jennifer pretty nervous.  The romantic surprise can’t get any better when Jennifer is tapped on the shoulder by Chad armed with a player playing the song they love most. You have to watch this to know why this brings joyful tears into my eyes.

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