Amateur photographer releases Princess Diana’s photos and reveals her secret 2 decades after her death


Julia McCarthy-Fox – a photographer- covered thousands of miles for over a decade to take photos of Prince Harry, Charles, William and Princes Diana. Despite taking the photos, she never shared them with anyone since she treasured them as a secret.

It was when the Princess Diana’s 20th death anniversary was being celebrated when she decided to reveal them. From the photos, one thing is evident – Diana was a very jovial person who possessed some magical aura. She could easily identify any shy person in the crowd and shake his/her hand and then proceed to share some words with the person.

If you watch the photos in the clip below which feature moment in between 1983 – 1995, you will definitely notice that. Though Julia was not the family’s official photographer, she could do her best to cover every moment.

From everything, it is clear that she was highly saddened by Princess Diana’s death and the release of her secret can confirm that.

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