They Agreed To Get A Small Dog, And This Is What They Get In The End. It’s Even Making Some History!


You have a couple who would really like to have a family dog, but Robert, the husband, will only allow a small terrier that won’t grow into a giant, so Sue, the good wife, goes to an animal shelter to get one. She’s about to pull off something incredible.

At the shelter, Sue met Yogi and was all down for the cute little canine. However, the animal was a Great Dane, the kinds of which grow into giants, but the wife had other ideas. The animal she loved needed a home, and her hubbywouldn’t die from a little lie, so she took the dog home and told Robert about this cute small JackRussell that she just brought home.

Months passed and the animal started getting weighty and filling the room. That’s when Robert realized he had been tricked. But it was too late for arguments as he wasalready in love with the Great Dane, who also has another cute name, Bear. Bear is now among the biggest dogs in the UK, and also best buddies with the couple and their cat, Toffee.

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Sue couldn’t wait to adopt a puppy from her local shelter, but her husband Robert only agreed if she found a small breed. Sue fell in love with the adorable black and white puppy pictured below, who was just under two pounds. So, she brought Yogi home to meet Robert, and told her husband a little fib…

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Sue told Robert that Yogi was a Jack Russell puppy. (See the generic photo below.) These dogs only grow up to weigh about 15-20 pounds. ‘How much trouble can he be?’ Robert thought. Boy, was he in for a huge surprise…

Little did Robert know that Yogi was a Great Dane who would grow into a 210 beast, eating through $60 a week in food — and becoming one of the largest dogs in the UK.

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It’s been almost a decade, and Yogi — now nicknamed “Bear” — is a whopping 6-foot-10-inches long. He’s so massive that Mom and Dad have to dress him in a horse coat when he goes outside to play. Good thing they have a three-acre paddock so Bear can get his exercise!


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Last year, an old stray cat started showing up at their house. Sue and Robert didn’t think Bear would accept the cat into the home, but he quickly welcomed Toffee onto his beloved sofa. To this day, Bear and Toffee love nothing more than curling up together for naps.



Bear thinks of himself more like a person than a big dog. His favorite past time is lounging on the couch with Mom, Dad, and Toffee, and watching TV. For such a giant dog, he has an equally giant heart.

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Back when Yogi was five months old, Robert realized he’d been duped by his own wife. Yogi was no Jack Russell, but by that point he couldn’t be angry. He was already very much in love with Yogi, and this dog had found his forever home.

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