A Photo Of A Cop With A Little Girl In His Arms, Shocks Everyone. The Reason Is Unbelievable!


A picture of a little girl being carried by a police officer of North Carolina is circulating on the web so fast, but the before actions that took place before are more incredible.

The picture was shared on the Facebook page of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, on a Tuesday and managed to obtain over 20,000 likes. Just like the way this officer who came in to help an old woman of 89 years, the police officer of North Carolina is obtaining lots of positive feedbacks.

A call made by the local people on two neighbors who were arguing, was responded by Jarka and Chomicki who happen to be officers and were able to settle the matter and get the two parties shake hands.

The man holding the girl in his arms, was surprised to find out that the little girl opted for the officer Chomicki to lift her in his arms. This made her father get surprised since it was rare to see her accepting a stranger. This made him request the officer to pose for a photo with the girl.

The intentions of the person was to issue a peace symbol because police=peace. The CMPD wrote on the Facebook wall that the reuniting ability of the two officers made the unity of the neighborhood and the community get strong.

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Officers Jarka and Chomicki from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina received a call about a local dispute between two neighbors. When they got to the scene, they were able to end the fight peacefully. Those involved even shook each other’s hands.


One of the men involved (left) was holding his daughter in his arms and was shocked when he noticed her interest in Officer Chomicki. She wanted the officer to hold her!


In turn, the officer held her in his arms for a few minutes and this touching photo was snapped.


The photos received more than 20,000 likes and 6,000 shares on the police department’s Facebook page. Tons of people also commented with positive words.


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