A Lady Takes Stupidity To A Higher Level. What She Did? I’m Speechless!


I am sure most people do not like getting gas, the same applies to me. First, gas is expensive and annoying particularly during the winter. Winter is the coldest season and most people do not like it when they are being exposed to the cold. Other individuals hate the idea of getting out of the car and refilling gas on their own.

What happens in this video is total madness. Some people will call it stupidity but regardless of the word, I know what the lady does, is completely senseless. I have trouble getting gas quite a number of times but I have never behaved in such a manner. I don’t really understand why she has to get in and out of her car each and every time. The fact that she keeps on driving around the station is just insane.

I just feel that I am relieved after realizing that I have never had such a bad experience. Her case is quite unusual. What do you think about this lady’s behavior? Can you act like this even though you need some gas badly? Stupidity, that’s the word!

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