6-year-old invents underwater seer and Ellen can’t hide her hysterical reaction


If there’s one TV thing everyone seems to fall for, it’s The Ellen Show. Ellen presents you with the best moments with the most interesting people on her show. Sometime back in 2012,she did something that ended up making history!

She invited young innovate kids to showcase their latest inventions. Of the kids, there was this one 6-year-old that had invented a gadget that could help people see more clearly while underwater. It was composed of a binoculars and a magnified lens attached to a pair of driving goggles. Ellen had her people set a little pool on the stage so the kid, named Julian, could demonstrate his new invention. Next?She was laughing like a maniac!

You must see this! Ellen can’t stop laughing. You’ve never seen her like this. Watch the clip and see why she laughed so hard.

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