This 6-Year-Old Was Being Bullied So His Parents Did THIS. Wow.


Do you agree with their solution?

#1 1st Grade Student, Gage Berger, Dreaded Going To School

He said that other kids in class would pick on him and say that he had “weird ears” and that he “looked like an elf.”


#2 His Parents Decided To Step In

Gage’s parents thought that his being bullied would “permanently damage his self-esteem,” so they decided to seek out some professional help to “fix” his ears in hopes of the bullying to end.


#3 A Quick And Successful Procedure

You can see Gage’s thrilled expression post-surgery. His self-confidence will most-likely go up, and he probably feels like a “normal” kid now.


#4 Not Everyone Agrees With The Parents’ Decision

Some people are criticizing the procedure, suggesting there should have been other ways of dealing with Gage’s constant bullying. His parents say they went through with it to help with [his] emotional well-being.

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