4 Year Old Body Still Remains A Puzzle For The Police To Crack. This Made Me Cry!


A toddler who was found on June 25 by the Boston police is among the cases that’s highly disturbing them.

In Boston Harbor, on Deer Island in Massachusetts, a woman had decided to take a walk with her dog when she encountered a rubbish bag and decided to have a look at it, little did she know that she was going to make a shocking finding.

Inside the bag, was 4 year old girl corpse in a white and black legging folded in a blanket of zebra lines and fit inside. Her cause of death remained unidentified because she never had no trauma sign on her body. Fourteen days later, the authority is still finding out who she is and why would someone perform such an act to the kid.

She has been named“Baby Doe” as a code name by the Massachusetts police, and have started relying on the internet for possible identification clues.

Christi Andrews’, a Forensic sketcher, cooperated with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to come up with a photo generated by the computer to illustrate the girl, with long brunette hair, brown eyes and with earrings. More than a million views have been made but unfortunately the police are still lost and have made a little progress in the case.

It’s shocking that no one is claiming a lost child, but whoever she is, she merits an appropriate burial. Reach the police in the clue line below, if you have any helpful information.

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Massachusetts State Police have shared this computer-generated composite of a 4-year-old who’s remains were discovered on June 25, 2015.




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