22 Terrible (But Hilarious) Thoughts You Will Never Admit To Having.


Oh come on, we’ve all thought THIS before!

#1 Book Smart

Basically, you fake my way through EVERYTHING intellectual…

d19e5eb7e92de55a336b9c3bf6ba1e23.600xvia  tickld.com

#2 The Cyclist

I just might hit the cyclist, because they don’t know how to stay in THEIR lane…

#3 Why Not

Isn’t EVERYTHING better when your under the influence of trusty old liquor?


#4 LOL

When you get just an LOL through text, the conversations over man…

82794cfc4cfe08ed74e8dc1ec6abbcfd.600xvia  tickld.com

#5 Cruising For Tots

Those pervs just LOVE going through a school zone…driving slow watching children in slow motion.

6d8e3e7e9a0513968a5afb68b4fe6ac2.600xvia  tickld.com

#6 Exactly

When is it EVER PLANNED?!

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