This 14-Month-Old Dog Dies After Being Left In A Hot Car, This Broke My Heart


The owners of Fidji, left him in their parked car on a sunny day while they shopped at IKEA. As you can see, the people attempting to rescue him are wearing jackets, but the temperature inside the car was fatally hot.


People Try To Rescue The Suffering Dog

Fidji had been in the heat for 4 hours when someone spotted him in peril and broke the car window to get to him. On hot days a car’s inside temperature can reach 120 degrees, and that’s even with an opened window.


Fidji Appears Too Weak To Move

Finally the large window in the back of the car was broken, but he was heavily panting and unresponsive as water poured onto his face.


His Owners Return

Fidji was still alive when his owners returned from shopping. He was rushed to the veterinarian hospital where doctors tried to save his life in a 3 hour surgery. Sadly, he eventually passed away in the evening due to internal bleeding.

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