11-day-Old Innocent Baby Passed Away After Being Kissed By Her Mother. The Reason Will Shock You !


This baby was accidentally killed by his mom after a simple kiss!

#1 Irony

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the person who brought you to the world ended up giving you a disease that kills you?

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#2 Infectious disease

Something like that happened recently in the UK, where an 11-day-old baby died because of a contagious disease that was passed on to her by her mom.

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#3 Tragedy

Ruth Schofield couldn’t be happier after giving birth to Jennifer. But after only 11 days, that happiness went away when her baby unexpectedly died.

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#4 Through a kiss

Ruth kissed her baby constantly on her lips, and this was the way she transmitted the disease to her daughter.

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#5 Herpes Simplex

Ruth had contracted Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and had a cold sore at the time her baby was born.

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#6 Organ failure

And HSV is a very dangerous virus for babies, as their immune system hasn’t fully developed. Jennifer’s organs failed after she got infected with the virus.

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#7 Serious risk

And it is a more common problem that you might think. Six babies die every year because of Herpes Simplex Virus in the UK. Ruth is now campaigning to raise awareness about this virus and hopefully help save the lives of babies around the world.


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