100 Horses Were Trapped On An Island. But Then 7 Women Do The UNTHINKABLE…


It was in 2006 that the world learned that about 100 horses were somehow stranded on an island in the Netherlands. A storm pushed seawater into the wilderness area outside the dikes of Marrum. Sadly, 19 horses passed away as a result while the remaining horses ended up marooned on a lowland knoll for three days. News of this story spread across the globe but rescue efforts failed. The horses needed to be lured through the water to safe grounds but nobody could figure out a way of doing this safely. Another storm was approaching, spelling doom for the trapped horses, but that’s when a post appeared on the Friesian horse forum: “Horses and riders sought… Only experienced riders with horses without fear of water.” 7 female riders responded: Susan, Christina, Micky, Hinke, Antje, and Fardow. Watch the video below to see how these brave women rescued nearly 100 horses!

The Great Netherlands Horse Rescue made news all around the world in 2006. A storm left about 100 horses marooned on a lowland knoll.

The horses were trapped for 3 days and grew weak.

Rescue attempts were made but ultimately failed. But then, someone posted on a horse forum seeking experienced riders with horses without fear of water…

Meet Norma Miedema… she refused to give up and started the Netherlands Horse Rescue.

Several women responded to the post on the horse forum. They met the following day and risked their own lives to guide the trapped horses to safety!

The six women who saved the day risked were honoured for their courage and bravery.

Here’s the very last horse, making it back to safety and being attended to by veterinarians.

The story of the trapped horses and their rescuers would forever be remembered…

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