This Dog Was Chained For Almost 10 Years, What These Guys Did When They Saw Him? OH MY GOSH!


For this beautiful German shepherd mix, freedom was not a familiar feeling. This video tells her story. She spent the first several years chained up outside of a home with no blankets to keep her warm, and with very little food and water. She had severe arthritis, which was only made worse by the huge mats of fur on her back legs and tail from never having a bath. These two ailments coupled together made it very difficult for her to walk around even her small enclosure that she was afforded.

Fortunately, after many attempts, an animal rescue group rescued this sweet dog from her horrific home. After receiving a shave, a bath, and some much needed food and love, she went to live at her forever home, where she was cared for for the remainder of her life. At her new home, she enjoyed food, warmth, and lots of attention — all of which she had not known in her prior life.

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