10 years after Anna Nicole’s death, her daughter surprises many with her personality


After Anna Nicole gave birth to her daughter Dannielynn, she succumbed to an overdose of a drug in 2007.
Following the supermodel’s demise, Dannielynn rapidly became the talk of the globe. Her rearing was full of incidents and gossip.

At first, there were some potential candidates for the baby’s biological dad, until a fatherhood test ordered by the court disclosed that Larry Birkhead, Anna Nicole’s boyfriend, was Dannielynn’s father.

Ten years later, Larry is bringing up Dannielynn on his own in their residence in Kentucky. Like you will notice in the recording, it is an area where Larry can offer his daughter a standard and grounded lifestyle as achievable.

Dannielynn is a real replica of her gorgeous mom, which a lot of people have observed through the years. But since she is old, it is pretty unbelievable to see how her big star has grown.

Watch the video to see Dannielynn takes you on a visit to her bedroom, which includes a work of art that Anna Nicole made for her before her birth.

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